Food and Agribusiness

Priority Industry

Proven industry. Area of innovation. Major infrastructure investment to power further growth. Moreton Bay is designed by nature for food and agribusiness success.

A warm, sub-tropical climate shines down onto pristine waters and rich soils that are cultivated by passionate farmers, producers and entrepreneurs who are changing the landscape of this lucrative state-wide business.

While Queensland is home to Australia’s largest area of agricultural land, Moreton Bay's dynamic food and agribusiness community produces 57% of the state’s strawberries, 32% of its pineapples and is celebrated for its farmed prawns, bugs and crabs.

Why? Moreton Bay alleviates challenges in supply and logistics, land availability, water assets and access to socially responsible manufacturing processes that commonly plague this industry.


Moreton Bay’s food and agribusiness industry


in export sales


of Queensland’s strawberry production


total employment in the region

Easy access to major markets

The Moreton Bay Region offers incredible access to major road connectors, which means exportation pathways such as the Port of Brisbane and Brisbane Airports are just within a 30-45 minute drive, offering operational cost savings that can transform a business.

The SEQ Northern Freight Terminal project will provide even more efficient and cost-effective way to transport goods across the country. The project recognises the importance of the northern rail freight corridor and includes a future intermodal facility north of Caboolture.

Innovative solutions for high-value production

Innovation and significant investment in water technology, including the Wamuran Irrigation Scheme, is set to deliver 2.9GL of recycled water per year to local farmers. While this adds $100 million in gross agricultural value to the region, it also opens doors for businesses who invest now to grow. 

Research fuels growth

Untapped markets are set to explode with the state's only aquaculture research facility located in Moreton Bay's Bribie Island Research Centre. Key areas of focus include oyster and seaweed production, intensive agriculture processes and modernisation of food and beverage product production.

With space, nature and technology-focused resources, market access and a skilled, talented workforce collectively at home in this region, choosing to invest your food and agribusiness enterprise in Moreton Bay is a game changer.

Bright businesses

Food and agriculture businesses that choose to call Moreton Bay home. 

Piñata Farms Case Study Big Dog Pet Foods Case Study

Why Moreton Bay?

Moreton Bay's key advantages:

  • Exceptional natural resources required for optimal growth
  • Significant investment into sustainable resources
  • Innovation focus to adjust to emerging technologies
  • Queensland's only aquaculture research facility
  • New agriculture and fisheries laboratory
  • Easy road and rail connections for quick transportation of produce
  • Community of like-minded growers and entrepreneurs
  • Incredible access to national and international markets

More than one quarter of Australia’s pineapple crops are grown in Moreton Bay. Wamuran is particularly ideal for pineapple production because it is 58 metres above sea level and has warm, frost-free winters and loamy soils - perfect for producing sweet pineapples 10 months of the year.