Talented workforce

More people to power your business

The region draws people with clear-thinking creativity and inspires higher productivity rates thanks to its combination of metropolitan offerings and natural lifestyle assets.

Moreton Bay has a population of 497,154 (2022) that will grow to almost 700,000 people by 2041, growing at an annual rate of 2.7% each year (2006-20), faster than the national average.

With a current labour force of 241,000 (2021) and access to talent pool of over 1 million people within a 30 minute drive, Moreton Bay offers more people to take your business to the next level.


of the population has formal qualifications


hold a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification


hold a vocational qualification


people with an advanced diploma or advanced degree

We are the home of industry innovators, global leaders and world changers.

More smarts and skills to build a highly-skilled workforce

Quality education is a key priority at every stage of the education journey across Moreton Bay.

A collection of 109 schools, two TAFE facilities and Australia's newest university campus create lifelong learning opportunities and an innovation culture.

The University of Sunshine Coast (USC) Moreton Bay campus is the region’s first full-service university, located in the heart of Moreton Bay’s iconic knowledge and innovation hub, The Mill at Moreton Bay.

A world-class university campus to attract brighter minds

USC Moreton Bay opened stage one of its campus as the anchor tenant of The Mill's innovation hub, bringing new and exciting business, partnership, and education opportunities to the region.

The award-winning, three-level foundation building has been fitted out with state-of-the-art technology to support teaching, learning and research in key growth areas such as health, engineering, robotics and the sciences.

As one of Australia’s best performing universities for student experience, USC Moreton Bay has consistently enjoyed strong student enrolment numbers from across the region, tapping into the latent demand for a quality local tertiary education provider.

USC Moreton Bay is growing every year by expanding its industry partnerships, research opportunities, and study programs offered within a lively, thriving campus.

In only two years of operation, USC Moreton Bay has already welcomed 3,000 students to the campus – far exceeding its goal of 2,400 enrolments. By 2030, this campus will be home to 10,000 students across 100 programs.