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Moreton Bay’s innovation ecosystem, skilled workforce and easy access to transportation infrastructure have all been key to Arrowes’ success.

Arrowes is a pioneer in the technology of roadwork safety products, inventing modular lighting solutions that play a central role in saving lives and reducing injuries.

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Australiasia’s leading manufacturer of innovative roading solutions

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In-house design and engineering team

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Pioneered world-first Automated Cone Truck


AAPA Queensland Safety Initiative Award winner

Beyond Road Safety Solutions with Sustainability

Arrowes has a strong commitment to CO2 reduction and an unwavering philosophy to avoid any non-recyclable raw materials, hazardous components or non-eco-friendly goods within its supply chain or design process.

The company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability continues to cement its market leading position.


Established in 1995


Team of 40+ staff

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Designed and manufactured in Australia

“We’re in a very nice location in terms of the proximity to the airport, to the port, and all the facilities. The Brendale Industrial Precinct is important for us as we’re able to address all our supply chain needs here.” - Lea Ea, Partner

Arrowes took advantage of Moreton Bay’s skilled workforce to expand their team, which now includes in-house engineering, design, development and manufacturing specialists.

The team pioneered the eSTOP, eSAS, green modular solutions and Automated Cone Truck. They are used by road authorities, national traffic controllers and Tier 1 infrastructure and construction companies across Australia and New Zealand.

Arrowes engages with local universities and research organisations to nurture innovation and provide high-value opportunities for the region’s talented graduates.

Why Moreton Bay is the only choice for advanced manufacturing businesses that want more.

Advanced manufacturing is the largest export industry in Moreton Bay. The region’s easy access to key national and international markets, availability of premium space with room to expand, and access a skilled workforce that is equipped to sustain emerging technologies creates global leaders. We have more of everything you need here.

Moreton Bay’s advanced manufacturing industry is the largest exporter in the region, valued at over $1 billion with $1.27 billion in export sales annually. The industry employs 9,839 people, which is 7% of the total employment in the region.