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Pinata Farms

Capitalising on Moreton Bay’s sun-drenched days and innovation focus, Piñata Farms is changing the face of food production, while the region’s enviable lifestyle helps them attract a dedicated team of workers.

Beginning with a single, family pineapple farm in the 1960s, Piñata Farms is a food and agribusiness innovator producing fruits you'll find in stores every day of the year.

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Australia’s largest pineapple producer


Full-time staff


Seasonal workers


Annual turnover

Innovation Builds Farming Empire

Piñata Farms took the vision and values of its family farm and built it into an empire of 30 third-party family growers across five states. 

The organisation invests operational savings into innovation to identify the best possible fruit species and ensure year-round production. 


Pineapples produced annually


Strawberries produced annually


Mangoes produced annually

‟What I love about living in Moreton Bay is just the great weather we have here. We’ve got an excellent sub-tropical climate that is perfect for growing raspberries and strawberries.” - Gavin Scurr, Managing Director

Piñata Farms is Australia’s largest pineapple producer and is responsible for pioneering large-scale production of the fruit in the 1990s.

Their staggering number of crops produce 9 million pineapples, 130 million strawberries and 13 million mangoes annually.

A one-of-a-kind breeding program sees Piñata Farms investigate the commercial potential of up to 20,000 new varieties of pineapples.

Piñata Farms also has the sole rights to grow specialty Honey Gold Mangoes that are one of Australian consumers' favourite mango species.

Why Moreton Bay is the only choice for agribusiness and food entrepreneurs that want more. 

Moreton Bay has food and agribusiness pedigree. It’s home to award-winning innovators developing new product segments and urban farming pioneers set to change the world. We have more of everything you need here.

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Moreton Bay is the largest strawberry producing area in Australia. The region’s strawberry industry contributes $78 million to the local economy, with almost 80% of Queensland’s strawberry growers located mainly in Caboolture.